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Related post: The Following story is a fictional account of a love story between men, although there are some scenes of love between women. Although set in real places all the characters are fictitious and any resemblance to the living or dead is purely coincidental. If this sort of erotic material is illegal in you country or state or you are under age to read this sort of material, or if it is likely to offend your sensibilities then you are directed to delete it NOW! For anybody else that is left I hope you enjoy this tale of erotic love. For in the end `what is life without love'. I have been reading the stories posted on the net for about 2 years and I decided that it was pay back time. This is my first story (that I'm willing to release) and although as yet is not complete I have already started my second. Dependant on whether you the readers believe it's worthwhile I will post my second story & so on. For comments, constructive criticism and so on you can email me. Flamers out there can either go hang, or put your pen where your mouth is and prove you can do better, If you can then why haven't you? Re-distribution of this story is permitted but only if this declaration remains intact with the story. The Pursuit of Happiness. Copyright Romanticiser 1997 Chapter One: The Visit. The cars entering the gate were slow as the guards were meticulous about everybody having a pass. I was late for the third time this week and was annoyed at every thing, the stupid woman doing 30 miles an hour in a 50 zone, the road work traffic lights that blocked a perfectly good piece of road. Even the sub-contractor holding everybody at the gate because he didn't have a pass. I moaned "8 o'clock and I'm 5 minutes late .. Come on" The guard finally got enough identification and opened the barriers. Friday didn't look good, it was going to be one of nude asian loli girls those days. British Aerospace isn't lola tgp young free that bad a firm to work for. The money isn't good - it isn't all that bad though. The work, as a Design Engineer on the aircraft, is varied - handling all nn model preteen lolicon the problems the shopfloor has, keeps you on your toes and that is part of the job satisfaction. "Good afternoon!" said John in that slightly loud voice just to get every ones attention. I quickly scanned the office - the boss wasn't in the office I might have just made it. John continued as he watched me scan the office "It's OK, he had to go to a meeting at quarter to. Dave says that your going to have to take over in the managers meeting at 10." "Not again - I got chewed out last week for him. Did he leave me any notes on what to expect?" "No and don't ask me where he went 'cause he didn't tell me." Geoff, the draughtsman walked in the door and turned the kettle on. I heard the click and said "Morning Geoff, is there enough for two in that? I really could do with a coffee." Geoff said "Just about - Another bad night?" "Hell no, I finally won at squash and the celebration got a bit out of hand." Geoff and John laughed. Whilst Geoff asked "How many years have you tried to beat Dave?" the phone started to ring. "Off and on for fifteen years - he's always changed the sport just as I get up to his level. In physical things he wipes the floor with me, he won't even attempt mental competition." I answered the phone. "Design Liaison" -- "Is Dave Coulson there" "No, I'm sorry he's in a meeting" -- "This is Reception, he has a visitor from Stockport College" "OK, I'll come and pick him up." -- "Thanks" I hung up lolitas movies pay sites and told them I had to go to Reception and not to let anybody use that hot water. Walking across the shopfloor I wondered why someone from the college wanted Dave. The department is a little too technical for the mainstream of students, supervision is almost non-existent and 18 year olds generally get bored if they're placed with us. As I entered Reception, there was only one person waiting, a stocky middle aged man with receding hair. I remembered him from my college days Mr Fuller, The physics professor. I walked up and tried to introduce myself. "Hello, my name is" "Tim Preston, I remember you - you never worked, it was too easy for you." He shook my hand. "Mr. Fuller, I wouldn't say too easy, I just read everything I could lay my hands on and it kind of stuck." "Is Dave Coulson around?" "I'm sorry but Dave is unavailable for the moment - is there any thing I can do?" "I have a bit of a sticky problem, I'm hoping you can help with it." The way he emphasised 'you' definitely meant me not the company. "If you'll follow me, I'll take us somewhere we can talk." He picked up his briefcase and followed. I returned with him back to my area discussing light topics such as the weather and the traffic. I took him into Dave's office and asked Geoff if he would be good enough to make us coffee. As per usual the back chat and moans weren't evident as we had an outside visitor. I started the conversation around to his visit by asking how I could help. He looked a bit nervous and then firmed up. "Normally we don't place students in particular departments, we usually let the company decide where they should go but in this particular case I'm hoping that you'll take on a student of ours directly." This peeked my curiosity. "We normally don't handle students in Design liaison, the type of work is technically demanding and urgent. Short stay students get bored when we don't have the time to teach them what we're doing." "This wouldn't necessarily be a short stay student. Each year of the degree the students have to work six weeks in the industry. Unfortunately this student hasn't served his term in any company during his degree and as this is his last year he needs 24 weeks." "24 weeks, how come he hasn't been placed before?" "Oh, He has, that is part of the problem." He looked directly into my eyes to gauge my reaction. "He was badly beaten up in his first week last year, before that he was sent back to us on the first day each time." Stunned I stammered "W-what! Why?" "He's gay - openly gay. You know what it's like in small businesses around here. Even the other students in his class beat him up first year." "Why come to me?" "Do you remember a student, Tony Morgan, from lol magazine guestbook preteen last year?" Mr Fuller continued as the image of a small, shy and subdued dark haired lad popped into my mind. "He told me how you had counselled him after he'd come in suicidal one morning" I remembered the day, it wasn't a day I was likely to forget. Tony had arrived crying his eyes out. He told us he was gay and his lover had killed himself that morning with an overdose. It had taken us two to three weeks to slowly start straightening his life out. In fact he'd moved in with my wife and me for a week or so because he wouldn't go back to 'their flat'. There wasn't any sex - I'm not gay but I understand. Thinking back on that terrible time, I hadn't noticed that Mr Fuller was silent and watching me very carefully. Geoff interrupted at that point with coffee and we chatted about trivial things whilst my mind was in turmoil. "I can't make the decision for us, Dave will have to do that, I'll need his say so but I also need to talk to this student. Our department may not hate gays but that isn't true for the whole factory. Tony didn't attract attention except for that week and we managed to cover it. If this student is effeminate or tries it on with people on the shopfloor it could end up with him getting beaten up again." Mr Fuller looked as if the weight of the world had been taken off his shoulders. "I'd recommend that you come to the college and talk to him there - how about this morning?" "Let me see if I can get hold of Dave first." I picked up the phone and dialled for his bleeper, about thirty seconds later the phone rang. "Dave, Tim here, have you got 5 minutes .... OK! Where are you .... I'll be bringing a visitor .... I'll tell you when I get there .... ", lolitas ls magazine 7 I laughed. "Yes it is important .... OK bye." I stood up and said "Mr fuller, he's in the Customer Centre - If you'd follow me." We both walked out of the office and back on to the shopfloor. We turned left and walked along one of the walkways. "Call me Steve you aren't at college anymore." Mr Fuller, I just couldn't call him Steve - six years of college had driven that in, remarked on the cleanliness of the place and how much it had changed since his last visit. I told him about how the management wanted the shopfloor to be a showroom and how we even had to wear uniforms. He laughed when I told him about how they'd started by painting one section of the floor light blue and the night shift had had some fun. "We came in the next morning and the painted bay had got a sharks fin standing up in the centre and a cardboard pier & deck chair had been placed by the side of it." We entered the Customer Centre and pulled my boss from his meeting. I managed to get a room and we discussed the situation. Dave said that he'd back me up which ever way I decided as I'd be the person the student would be placed with. ( typical manager - delegate the decision ). I told Dave that I'd back out of the 10 o'clock meeting as best I could and go visit the college. I took Mr Fuller back to Reception and arranged to meet him at 11:00 at the college engineering block. ---------------------------------------- Parking my car in the college car park brought back so many memories of my teenage years. I gripped the brass pull handle of the door looking for my scrawled initials in the wood. Worn and faded with some new graffiti over the top, but they were still there. At 10:55 I was shown into Mr Fuller's office. A fifteen foot square cubby-hole with one desk, 2 chairs and filled with stacks of books and papers absolutely everywhere - it hadn't changed in 12 years. Mr Fuller told me that he had arranged for the student to arrive in ten minutes and did I want to talk to him alone. I suggested that it would be for the best that way as the conversation may get a little personal. He agreed and left saying he'd be back in an hour. I took off my coat, hung it on the back child supermodels lolitas preteen of his chair and sat down and started to read a newspaper that had been placed on one of the stacks of books. Yesterdays edition, but I rarely get time to read them so I scanned the paper for something interesting. At quarter past, the student arrived a little out of breath. The first thing I noticed about him was his hair, fine and flame red with a fringe over pale skin with a light dusting of freckles across his nose. He was about 5'10" maybe 6', slim with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. He was dressed in a black T-shirt with AC/DC written across it and faded jeans. He said "Oh, Hi. Is Mr Fuller about? He asked me to come down and I'm a bit late." I walked around the desk and introduced myself. "Hi. My name is Tim Preston and it's me you're here to see." He stared at me puzzled and I could see his eyes - dark green, they flickered quickly from side to side as if he couldn't decide which eye to look into. "Uh? Well then, hello my name is Graham Douglas Bennett but I prefer to be called Doug or Douglas." We shook hands and I moved the chair from around the desk and asked him to sit down in the other one. I asked him if he knew why I wanted to see him. He said no. Thanks Mr Fuller - now I knew why he was in such a hurry to leave. OK, well we have to start some where. "Look Doug, This may not come out quite right but please don't take any offence. I work as a design liaison engineer at British Aerospace and I've specifically been asked if I would give you 24 weeks of industry training before the end of your degree course." His eyes had gone flinty and silted, he interrupted and his voice held a tone I placed immediately. "Oh! I see and you don't want a gay person in your office - I get it, this is the sorry old man, but I can't take you routine." This wasn't going to work this way. I grabbed my coat. "Come on, we're going to the Nelson for a drink, I haven't made my mind up yet but if you carry on like that, it probably will be." I strode out trying to cool my anger, I'm quick to heat up but fast at forgiving and forgetting. Dave and I often argue about how the department should run. The arguments often flair up and die down within minutes and as Dave and I don't hold grudges it seems to work. We've been friends for nearly twenty years, since we were both in the apprentice training school together. Even last night during the celebration of my victory we had argued - about who was going to win the Superbowl. I was hardly out of the building when he ran up and started walking beside me. He was apologetic "I'm sorry I shot off, I shouldn't have and I apologise." We continued to the local pub in silence and when we got there I went to the bar and asked for a Southern Comfort and ginger. He asked for a cider and after paying I went and sat down at the empty corner seat that used to be my usual seat in days long ago. He joined me about 30 seconds later and sat opposite me. "Doug, I have no problem with you being gay, nor will anybody else in the office, it's just that..." I faltered, looked down trying to collect my thoughts. "It's just that we aren't gay and as you've already found out there are a lot of people who hate gays and anything to do with gays." He calmly interrupted me by saying "They're called homophobics, although I would prefer to use a less technical term for some of them." I smiled and so did Doug, his face lost all its angles and broke out with one of those grins that covers the face. I regained my confidence that he could handle this. "I'm here to see how you would fit in. Twenty four weeks is a long time and I've not only got to consider your degree, but the department." I sipped some of my drink and carried on. "My department handles all of the shopfloor problems from anything like sequence of build, work instructions, programme planning to repairs and quality issues. This means that all day we have visitors from all over the factory coming in and asking for advice, paperwork, schedules and all sorts." I broke off for another sip. "It sometimes feels as if all 1800 workers have been in our office at some time of the day. The majority would have difficulty in dealing with someone who is gay, if they knew. I want to find out if your too openly gay or whether you could, not necessarily hide it, just not let it interfere with normal everyday work." Doug considered this for a little time and I excused myself to go back to the bar for a cola. When I got back to the table, he seemed to have come to a decision and started to talk about himself. He told me about his mother and father not wanting him at birth and how he'd been put up for adoption and the children's home where he grew up. I tried to tell him that he didn't need to tell me these things but he said that I needed to know him, to understand how he would react in differing circumstances. He really wanted his degree, but 24 weeks would show him as he really is. The pub had started to fill up with people coming out for lunch and so I decided that we should leave, it was becoming too crowded for this kind of conversation. We got up and as we were leaving a young lad walking in said "Look there is G.Douglas Queer and his boyfriend". Behind him was Tony Morgan who laughed. Doug had murder in his eyes but I grabbed him and shoved him out of the door before anything could happen. Once back on the street I told him to relax and forget it. We walked back to the college and I dropped into Mr Fuller's office. He asked me "Is everything hunky-dory?" "The jury is still out, can I borrow your phone?" "Of course you can." He picked up the phone, dialled for an outside line and handed it to me. I rang up Dave but board image 3d loli he was out and Geoff answered, I told him to tell Dave that I wouldn't be in for the rest of the day as I was still at the college. He was puzzled by where I was but didn't push it. I hung up. "I'm going to take Doug somewhere we can talk more confidentially." "Oh right - Tell me how you decide." I went back out and asked Doug if he wanted to go to my house to continue he said yes and we went and got into my car. ---------------------------------------- My wife was still working and wouldn't be back for a couple of hours. We had the house to ourselves. I parked in the drive, took him inside and offered him a cup of tea or coffee, he chose tea. Whilst the kettle was boiling he leaned against the kitchen door frame and watched me as I made the drinks. We went into the lounge and sat down. He asked if I was into computers as he had underage lolita pussy pictures spotted the PC in the corner and went to have a look at it. The cover was perspex showing all the boards and leads. He knelt down and examined it closely. He started to ask questions about some of the expansion boards as they didn't look quite right and I told him that electronics was my hobby and that I had made the PC from scratch. He said that electronics was his interest as well. I knew that I should control myself, if we got to talking about electronics then we'd be there till midnight and we weren't here for that. I killed the conversation by asking if he was ready to talk about our situation. His face lost it's animated look for a short while. But he sat down on the sofa and he started to talk. He told me how he'd been so lonely at the children's home because he'd been born just lolita girlies preteen bbs before the last baby boom and the number of adoption places had dropped dramatically. When the demand for adoptions increased they all went for the younger children. He said that night time was the worst because they were always short staffed and run off their feet so it was all very militarised. Processions of children washing and cleaning their teeth, marched to their bedrooms and locked in. At sixteen he'd been given one room in a hostel that handled drunks, addicts and people off the streets. He wasn't ready for the violence and abuse he'd received and he'd been raped or forced into sucking somebody off practically every night until he ran away 2 months later. Over half of the tale had been told with tears running down Doug's face and the emotional outpouring wrung my heart. I walked over to the sofa and hugged him. Rocking him backwards and forwards slowly as he continued with his tale. He had been on the streets for two or three weeks when the pimps had approached him to be a 'rent boy' but he'd avoided them. His sole pleasure was in reading, he spent a lot of time at the local library and the staff had looked after him by providing meals and cups of tea during the day. It was here that he had met Rodger one of the library clerks who had taken pity on him and had let him stay at his flat when the weather turned cold. Rodger helped him get a job at a local printers and the money helped start him up. Doug had never had so much attention and compassion that he had mistaken infatuation for love and had responded to Rodger with young lolita pussy com the only form of giving pleasure that he knew. Rodger had violently rebuffed him and kicked him out of his flat. Rodger must have told the staff at the library, because the police always came to move him on when ever he'd gone in afterwards. He had finally admitted to himself that he was gay when he'd been picked up by a woman and after admitting he was virgin, he just couldn't get aroused. The woman had laughed at him and told lolita bbs top index him that if he couldn't get it up he shouldn't bother with women again." A limp prick is useless to neither woman nor beast" That was just over 4 years ago. Since then he'd decided that engineering was where he was skilled at and that he would get himself a decent job and not be beholden to the State, Council or anybody. He'd been fairly celibate since then too shy and afraid to open up to anyone else. He continued sobbing until the outpouring got to him and he slowly fell asleep. I didn't want to move and disturb him so I remained on the sofa, holding him. Disturbed by the story sleep came very slowly. Joanne, my wife found us like that. The best thing in my life, Joanne was understanding and compassionate. We'd tried to have kids but it hadn't happened, yet after 12 years of trying her mothering instincts were honed to incredible levels. She made the evening meal quietly, trying not to wake us up. It was the smell of freshly made chicken soup that woke me up, Doug was lying half on me with one arm draped over my chest, his head resting on my shoulder. Joanne walked into the room and saw my eyes were open. She walked over and lightly kissed me on the lips and whispered "Another one like Tony?" I nodded and she whispered back "Why do they all have to be cute and beautiful?" It hadn't occurred to me until then but she was right. Doug looked innocent like an angel, The sleeping face had none of the lines or looks of concern that it had whilst he was awake. She whispered that dinner would be about half an hour and she was going to get the spare room habitable. After dozing for a few minutes I started to lightly blow at Doug's head ruffling his red hair. He snuggled a bit but I kept on blowing. Joanne came down the stairs and stopped at the bottom watching as I tried to gently wake Doug up. I started to blow on his face, moving the point of contact causing little subtle movements in his face. He snuggled closer to me with his face turned up to mine. I increased the force and his eyes started to flicker and move behind his eyelids then they opened and he saw me with pursed lips and responded immediately closing the distance he locked his lips onto mine and started to kiss me. I froze and he shot off me like a scolded cat. "Tim, I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that, I didn't realise what I was doing, please forgive me." I was blushing all shades of red and a tinkling little laugh came from the bottom of the stairs. Doug turned around quickly, and on seeing Joanne, blushed furiously as well. "Doug meet Joanne, my wife." Doug groaned and started to apologise to Joanne who laughed it off and said it had been quite funny and she didn't mind as Tony had done the same thing. "Tony?" Doug asked, but only got an answer of ask me about him. What a pickle I was in. Without mentioning anything I thought might give away who Tony was I told the story about the suicide and how a college student from a few years back needed help, OK so I stretched the truth. From the kitchen came a shout "Dinner will be ready in a couple of minutes, Doug I hope you like pork chops." Doug didn't know where to turn, caught like a fly in honey - sweet to the taste but maybe a little more than he could handle. I saw the thoughts as they ran across his face, I smiled "Don't worry Doug, There's no problem if you really want me to take you home now, I will do, but after dinner would be better, I'm starving!" He decided to stay and went to the kitchen thanking Joanne for considering him as a dinner guest. We sat down as the clock struck seven and proceeded to have a really nice meal. The conversation got stuck into electronics fairly early on and Joanne surprised him by not only keeping up with us but pushing him to think before he answered some technical questions. I told Doug "Joanne works at UMIST, the local University in the electronics lab and passed me long ago. I only have a BSc Degree in electrical engineering, Joanne has a full doctorate." We continued to chat after we had moved back into the lounge but I was now showing him the PC and what we had done, He was really intrigued by some of the circuits we had put into it but I noticed that as time went on he started to keep checking the time on the clock on the mantelpiece. I asked him what the problem was and he said he had to be back at the YMCA before 10 or he would lose his room for the weekend, but that I shouldn't worry as there was still half an hour to go. I then told him that the lounge clock was keeping time with London University's atomic clock and was set to GMT, as it was summer it was 1 hour behind. It was really 10:30, Doug got into a panic and I told him to calm down as we had a spare room he could borrow. He settled down nervously but as he got more resigned to the fact that he couldn't get his room he took a more active role in the conversation. By 10:30 on the clock we all had started to yawn, Joanne would start it and Doug and myself would catch it. As Joanne had to be at a special review of the new interns at a meeting of department heads at 9:00, we decided to call it quits and go to bed. Doug said goodnight as we left him on the landing and we retired to bed. The only sounds being that of the showers running and the toilets flushing as everyone readied themselves for bed. Half an hour later the lights were off and we settled down to sleep. Joanne asked me what had happened this time and I told her along with a quick summary of his life. She thought it was sad but glad that I seemed able to comfort him. We both cuddled and I fell asleep. I awoke to a poke in the ribs. Coming to I heard the sound of crying and Joanne was looking at me. "He's been crying for 20 minutes. I think he needs you to comfort him." I looked at the alarm clock 1:45. I got up and quickly put a robe on as the heating had kicked off over 2 hours ago and with our window open it was getting quite chilly on bare skin. I crossed the landing and knocked lightly on Doug's door. No response just a quiet sobbing. I carefully opened the door. A crack of dim light glowed around the door, the bedside table light was on, and there he was crying into his pillow. I moved over to the double bed and slowly lowered my weight on to it, moving cautiously I approached him and started to lightly trail my fingers through his hair. Doug turned to face me and grabbed hold of me around my waist and pulled himself until he was sobbing into abdomen. I softly stroked his head, neck and shoulders until he quietened. He seemed to be dropping off to sleep so I moved his arms to release me. But his eyes opened and he begged me "Please hold me". I tried reasoning with him that I couldn't get to sleep like this and he pulled back the duvet and again begged me to stay. I took off my robe and climbed into the bed justifying it internally by thinking that it would only be for a few minutes. Doug rolled towards me and rested his head on my shoulder and hugged me close. Contented at last, his breathing started to slow and deepen. I initially stayed awake because as soon as he was properly asleep I was going to go back to my own bed. But 15 minutes had passed and I still hadn't moved. I looked down at his angelic face. The small cluster of freckles over his nose was cute in a sort of childlike way, his skin was pale almost translucent and seemed to have no imperfections except for the freckles and they were more like an accent. His chin had that little vertical cleft in the centre. The lips were a pale ruby colour and I was close enough that I could see each individual pale hair growing on his face, he was shaving but not frequently. Don't ask me why, I don't know but it seemed right at the time. I lowered my lips and started to kiss his forehead, no more than a grazing touch. He snuggled closer leaning his head further back, now it was his face that was turned towards me. I lightly kissed his forehead and eyelids. His upturned nose wrinkled a little and lolita preteen underage sites he tightened his hug. His arm over my chest moved lower and pulled me into the hug. He was truly beautiful resting there and I felt affection. He moved his leg so that he was no longer on his side but was resting half on me, his leg bent over my thighs. My arm was under his neck and that dead feeling in the fingers was starting. I moved my arm to retain the circulation and stroked his top shoulder and back. A well known feeling started in my groin and I paused stroking him. Concerned with myself, I was getting aroused and it didn't seem right that I should. I've never been attracted to men, why was I getting aroused? Unsure of myself I moved trying to extricate myself from Doug's embrace and he tightened his grip and pushed his face into my neck nuzzling me - was he still asleep God I hoped so. My dick was now reaching its full height and no thoughts of mine were affecting it at all. What was happening to me? Why was it happening to me? I felt compassionate affection towards Doug - nothing else, or was there...? My mind was going in to a spin and if I didn't stop it soon, panic was going to set in. I remembered my adolescence and the confusion that was there. How at 12, my friend Andy and myself had investigated each others body. Nothing sexual had happened we were just kids trying to find out information about ourselves that nobody else would to tell us. It's rather funny that as parents we try to keep our children innocent by not telling them anything, forgetting the frustration and fear that we all went through when our parents wouldn't tell us anything either. My mind was settling, the memories of childhood calming me and opening me up to these feelings. Doug moved - did I feel a kiss - or was he just moving. I resumed stroking hoping to push him into free young russian lolitas deeper sleep so that I could escape. My boxer shorts were straining and I was uncomfortable. I used my free arm to release the constriction. I moved my dick vertical but I touched Doug's arm and he moved again his hand now resting over a nipple. It was hardening. This was getting frustrating and weird. Did I really want Doug to do something? I knew what gay sex was in a objective way, Tony had been fairly explicit. Was that what was getting to me? There was another side to this did Doug want me, 12 years older than him and not really attractive. I had pulled Joanne not with looks but with my mind and heart. We were companions at first, love built up over time. Doug moved and his hand started to lightly tease my nipple, he kissed my neck. Well that was another question answered. Did I want to go through this? A shock wave rocked through my body as Doug turned my hard nipple. Yes! I wanted this. I whispered "Doug". He instantly stopped and moved his hand away. "Doug - are you trying to turn me on - because it's working" "Tim, I really - like - you. You're so gentle and caring that I want to make you happy, like you've made me." "Let me up, I need to talk to Joanne." He moved to the other side of the bed facing away and said "I'm sorry Tim, I understand." I got up and walked into my bedroom. The light was on and Joanne was awake "I thought you weren't coming back" "Something's come up, I need to talk to you." She looked at my boxers and laughed. I closed the door and walked over to the bed and sat down beside her. Joanne was my conscience and my confidante, there wasn't anything lolita island top list she didn't know about me, and I think it's true the other way around. "Well if any man was going to get to you it was him. Red hair was always your weakness." I stroked her auburn hair and asked "What should I do ? I want to try it but ...." my objectivity collapsed under the emotions I was feeling "Joanne, I don't want to hurt you, I love you so much that I'd die if you were to leave me, I can't even contemplate that. You're my heart and soul - I couldn't handle the guilt and pain of hurting you in any way." Tears in my eyes I looked down at her and she pulled me down for a kiss. "Tim, I understand and that is why I love you so much. Your heart is large enough to take the world in. Your understanding was what I needed when you found out about Jenny and you gave me that but also unconditional love to both of us. No recriminations just love!. Can I do anything else, It would hurt you if I said no and I couldn't bear that." She kissed me again, and wiped the tears from my face. "Go with my love, find free xxx lolikon hentai out about yourself." I kissed her again. "Are you sure? I don't know what I'm letting us in for." She smiled, thinking for a few seconds "I do - go and care for him, he needs you." She kissed me and pushed me off the bed "Go." I looked back down at her and darted down for a kiss. "I love you." I straightened underage lolita models toplist and walked back onto the landing. As I closed the bedroom door the light went out. I re-entered Doug's room and moved onto the bed. He turned over with red, tear brimming, eyes and a surprised look. He started to speak quietly but I silenced him with a finger to his lips. I pulled him into an embrace and slowly lowered my face to his. The kiss wasn't exactly what I expected, the lips felt the same as a Joanne's. When I felt his tongue at my lips I parted mine and the kiss became unlike any I had had before. There was a force on both sides trying to weld us together. Our tongues fighting a battle and both drawing. We broke apart and looked at each other again. "Are you sure, Tim. I wouldn't want to hurt you - or Joanne." I didn't respond but I put one hand behind his neck and the other in his hair and pulled him in for another kiss. This was getting better as we both took part and the kiss became more passionate. Doug climbed on top of me and hugged me tighter. When breathing became a necessity I pulled away and said "God! - your turning me on something wicked." He smiled and smoothed the dark hairs on my chest and kissed my neck, my earlobe, the top of my shoulder, my throat. I moaned and swallowed. Doug propped himself up on his elbows and said "Stay there, don't move a muscle." He got up and walked to the base of the bed and pulled the duvet off. Then he took off his white underpants, watching my eyes. As he stood there I watched him. Pale skin no tan lines anywhere to mar his perfection and his dick hard up against his belly touching the top of his navel. Red hair around his groin and climbing up above his waist. I started to rise and he came around to my side and pushed me back down "No don't move, let me love you". He knelt on the bed and I moved to the centre. He straddled my thighs and started to rub his hands across my chest. he leaned over and kissed my neck and my ear and licked his way around the base of my neck. I groaned - it felt incredible. Twirling his tongue around in my chest hair he started to follow my muscle lines to the either side. His hair touching and trailing along my chest. The heat of his tongue and the cooling of his saliva evaporating was driving me nuts. He lifted off me and then dived down flicking one nipple and then the other, then nibbling them gently. I groaned and arched involuntarily, electricity flowing through me. I could feel his hot poker of meat against mine, could I be turned on any more? I could not stay idle, just taking this and giving nothing. I tried to stroke his arms and shoulders but he took my arms off him and begged "Let me love you first .. please" I lowered my arms to my side. He moved down and started licking again just above my navel. The feelings were unbelievable my breathing was getting heavy, my hands gripping the bottom sheet. His lips attached dark collection pics lolita themselves to my navel and his tongue dived in twirling and probing. I groaned and felt his tongue climb out of my navel and move lower. He got to the waistband of my boxers and then repositioned himself to start at my feet. My breathing relaxed slightly in the pause, the sight of him over my legs was turning me on more and more. He lowered his face to my left foot and sucked my big toe in to his mouth then the next and down to the little toe. Never part of my lovemaking before this, it was going to be part of it from now on - wow!. He moved on to the top of my foot and played with the hairs there a few seconds and then repeated it with my right foot. Moving up he started to lick my calves on the outside up to the knee and back down on the inside. He lifted one leg up and traced the enlarged muscle and sucked on the back of my knee. Hot and cold flashes raced across my body, whilst he licked his way closer to my groin on the underside of my thigh. I was getting close a tingling was starting in my balls. I moaned as he repeated the tongue work on the other leg. "Doug, you've got me so worked up I'm going to cum real soon". He pulled off me. "No - not yet" he turned to face me and started to kiss my face, my forehead and my eyelids. Looking up at him I said "Your truly beautiful" and caressed his cheek, "I can't see why you'd want me, I'm not what anyone would call handsome." "You have love and compassion. I fancied you first when you shook my hand in Mr Fuller's office, you looked right into my eyes and I saw no prejudice or hate, only caring and a fear that you would fail me, it's like looking straight into your heart. The rest of the day confirmed it in your every action and consideration. I could stare into your brown eyes forever and be happy." He smiled and kissed me on the lips. "As the old saying goes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in your case it's your eyes that hold beauty - your soul." My breathing was now nearly back to normal and I pulled him down for a deep kiss, but he pulled back and with a grin that lit up his face and said "Round two." He moved down the bed and lifted the waist band of my boxers, glancing up at me to check he wasn't freaking me out. I lifted my bottom to help him and he pulled them down. My dick was as hard as it had ever been and although I've always felt self conscious about my size, 5 1/2 inches, Doug seemed to have no such misgivings. He pulled my boxers off me completely and moved my legs apart. Kneeling in between them he lowered his head onto my abdomen and flicked his tongue into my navel, running one hand through my pubic hair the other toying with a nipple. I was torn, I wanted him to do something with my cock - anything. I also wanted to keep the suspense up. This was exhilarating and getting more intense by the second. Doug placed his thumb and forefinger around the base of my erection and prized it off my belly. It resisted, as hard as stone. I whimpered - waiting. He started to lower his head, maintaining the tension he licked down from my waist into my pubic hair moving around the base of my dick he licked a complete ring around it and then dropped down and nuzzled into my balls, licking them. When he sucked one in his mouth and flicked the ball about with his tongue I thought I was going to cum. I moaned loudly, the intensity had gone up a notch. I resisted the urge to shoot and it seemed to fade slightly. I took deep breaths and tried to think of anything but what that tongue was doing to me. It didn't work, Doug had moved onto the other ball and he had started to moan as well. He pulled back and my ball popped out, the tension from his mouth pushing me even higher. He knelt back surveying my manhood. It was bent slightly to the left and there seemed to be no foreskin at all. The extra skin had been absorbed in the expansion of the engorged rod. He lowered his head and ran his tongue around the rim of the head. I gripped the sheets tight and arched my back. The explosion of feeling was leaving me breathless. Panting away, wanting to feel more and knowing I couldn't handle it. He closed his lips around the head, wetting the dry helmet with his tongue. My chest and neck muscles taut as wire trying to hold back as he lowered and took more of me in. The suction was light but that tongue was running around and pressing into places that sent shivers up and down my spine. I felt a finger run down below my balls rippling the seam of skin, moving lower it entered the crack of my arse and I automatically opened my legs wider, intoxicated in the feelings he was giving me. When the finger came to my puckered opening it pressed gently never hard enough to enter but enough to make me moan. God! what a feeling. He was moaning as much as I was now. He lowered his head further down and I could feel his throat nipping at the head. I was going to cum, nothing was going to stop it. "Doug, I'm - " I couldn't get my breath "I'm cumming!" The feeling doubled, tripled and climbed into overload as Doug really started to suck hard. The tight spasms started deep inside and my balls hurt as the pressure built up. free asian loli photos I stopped breathing and my whole body arched all muscles straining, trying to bury more of me into Doug's mouth. Pulses ran up from my balls as I shot one.. two.. three..... Chapter Two: Questions. I came to with Doug looking down at me grinning like the Cheshire cat. "Like it?" Between pants I replied "That doesn't even come close. Just let me get my breath back." I caressed his sides and pulled him down to me for a kiss. The first flush of passion satiated the kiss was loving and long. He lay on top of me and I rolled us onto our sides. I stroked his chest, marvelling at the lack of hair, the hard muscle tight and flexing at my touch. Pushing him on to his back. The rush of uncertainty, clouded my mind. It must have shown on my face. Doug looked away. That decided it for me, I kissed him on his chin and kissed underneath heading down to his neck. "Tim, are you sure you want to do this? I'm happy as things are." His Adam's apple bobbing under my lips as he whispered. I pulled back and looked down at him, his eyes flicking back and forth searching my anxious face. blue board bbs lolita I kissed him. "I want this as much as you, but I'm unsure. I feel like a virgin, desperately wanting it and frightened of doing something wrong. I don't want to hurt or disappoint you." He caressed my face, smiled and said "I don't think you could or ever would." He lifted his head and kissed me, his arms embracing me. I stayed on my side propping my head up with one arm. I trailed my other hand over his chest feeling the play of the muscles and lingered over the bud of a nipple standing proud, surrounded by an inch of dark pink skin. I lightly rubbed the nipple and Doug gasped. The sudden rush of air into his lungs made his rib cage more pronounced. I dropped my mouth onto one nipple as I rubbed the other. Flicking it and grazing it with my teeth. A moan from Doug told me I was doing it right. I leant over him so I could put my mouth on his other nipple and moved my hand lower along his side. My arm touched something hot and hard lying on his belly. A quick glance showed what it was and I got nervous again. I licked lower watching the cock head raise itself from his abdomen and then drop suddenly, only to repeat it a few seconds later. The one eye dark, glistening and leaking. This was new to me - oh I have read stories that went on about pre-cum flowing in gallons but that is just fantasy. My cock was well known to me and pre-cum happens only at the point of cumming. With me pre-cum could fly further than any spurt of cum. Joanne had surprised herself on our first real date, she had wanked me off in the car and I'd hit the roof on the first shot. I purposefully avoided the place that contained my worries and licked down on to his thighs. Doug moaned and opened his legs fully, giving me access to everything. The movement reminding me that it wasn't going to go away. I started to pull my courage together, it was now or never. I licked across the joint of thigh to groin and tasted a muskiness that increased my excitement. I could feel my dick twitch. His cock was big, I quickly stretched my hand along side. It was slightly shorter than my hand span - under nine inches but only by a little. I repositioned my self between his legs. The sight looking up at him made me more nervous. His half closed eyes watching me expectantly. I could see him swallow and start to inhale in readiness to say something. I knew I'd lose all my courage if he spoke and so I dropped down and ran my tongue up his cock from the base to the tip. His exhalation was a groan. The taste wasn't any different except for the tip. A weak taste of cum, slightly less bitter than mine but just as salty. Reassured that I could do this, I licked the sides and lifted it away from his belly. Wanting Tim to moan and groan I took delight in licking it like a lollipop. My mind became almost schizoid, one side enjoying the taste and feel of hot, smooth skin over a hardened steel core pressing my tongue in where ever the fancy took me, the other analysing the look and shape of this flesh. A rounded inverted triangle in cross section, flat and hard across the top but pointed and softer at the bottom where the tube ran up. The tube vanishing inside at the flared war helmet shaped head. two little parted lips at the top of the eye. Another drop of pre-come welled in the eye and I pushed my tongue into it. Doug was panting now. I ran my tongue over the head. I glanced up at Doug. His chest arched, the bottom rib of his rib cage sharply defined. Head thrown back and his Adam's apple bobbing up and down. Confidence growing by the second I put my lips around it and took the head into my mouth and started to suck. Doug turned quickly to his side and cried out "Watch your teeth!" Oh God, I'd hurt him. stricken with remorse I shot off him and looked up to his face. He was gasping for breath as he sat up and pulled me into his embrace. I was trembling and upset. He rubbed his hands across my back as his heart rate and breathing became more normal. He raised my lowered head. Kissing me on the mouth. I didn't respond - tears coming to my eyes. "Tim, I'm all right it was just a shock, don't worry you didn't hurt me." He kissed me again and again lightly on teen lolli art nude the cheeks and forehead, nose and mouth. This time I responded and he became more forceful. My arms went around him and hugged him. When our lips finally parted I was almost crying "I didn't want to hurt you, I wanted you to love what I was doing to you. I've ruined it". He comforted me his hands massaging my back. "Tim, I'm still yours - if you want me. You haven't hurt me and I'd love for you to finish what you started. You had me higher and wilder than I've ever been before. I nearly came when you put your lips around me. I want - No - need to feel like that again. I want you more than you could possibly imagine." Looking deeply into his flickering eyes, so green. I didn't want to let him go. "Will you let me try again? I wanted this to be so good." He laughed and lay back "Let you, let you. I want you to do it". When he was back in the centre of the bed lying down. He stretched and raised his arms off the bed." I'm all yours, take me, I want you to make love to me again and again and ag..." I shut off the stream by plunging my tongue into his mouth, my lips locked onto his. My hands roaming over his body that I no longer feared playing with. Breathing through our noses we didn't want to break off the kiss. It finally broke when I rubbed both of his nipples at the same time. His back arched pushing my body away. I was trying to press every erotic button that I could find and it was affecting me just as much as Doug. We had both gone soft whilst he'd comforted me but I was rock hard again. I wanted him to forget what had happened in the pleasure lolita in thong undressed of this. I turned his head and probed his ear with my tongue, trying everything that Joanne used to turn me on. Doug's breathing was getting ragged. I lightly chewed where his neck joined his shoulder, he groaned. Moving my tongue lower my hands never stopping, I wanted to feel him all over. Perspiration covered his chest and abdomen like a fine dew and I revelled in running my tongue through it. I lifted his cock up from his belly and dug my tongue in to his navel. Twirling my tongue through his red pubic hair as I went. I was loving this, trying to give Doug as much pleasure as I possibly could. This was going too fast. Telling myself to slow it down I moved back up and kissed him sucking his bottom lip in. I licked the underside of his chin and nipped his Adam's apple with my lips. I raised up off him and looked at him. He was panting and his eyes were bright, desire glinting in them. His breathing got good enough for speech. "God! What ever your doing, don't stop it feels fantastic - I haven't ever felt like this." Happy that the past was exactly that. I kissed him deeply and moved myself down to his groin. His legs were even wider than before. I licked his ball bag and sucked it into my mouth remembering how good it had felt. Keeping the sack away from my teeth was hard but I think I did it right as Doug was moaning. I rolled the ball back and forth, feeling the crinkly hair tickle the sides of my mouth. I let it drop from my mouth and started on the other. I remembered one wild night Joanne and myself had once had after watching a porno movie called "Mother-in-laws Tongue" and what she had done with it. I decided that I would do it. I might regret it, Joanne and I had really washed well that night. Doug wouldn't regret it though. The feeling was incredible. I lifted his balls and licked below them running and pressing my tongue into where the nerves run together." Doug gasped "Oh God!" and lifted his legs up. Supporting them with my hands I went lower and lower. The lack of thick hair made movement easy. Joanne is quite hairy. Using my thumbs to separate his cheeks I licked lower, enjoying it more as the smell and taste were just sweat with a slight hint of something else I couldn't quite name, nothing abhorrent just puzzling. My thoughts rearranged themselves when I got to that little puckered rose. I circled it with my tongue and pressed hard. A spasm shot through Doug. Fear ran through me - had I done it again. Doug was moaning "Yes!, Yes!, Yes!" and his head was rocking back and forth. I went back to that little puckered hole and flicked and pressed my tongue all around it and on it, it gave way slowly. My tongue was in and the ring of muscle was alternately gripping and then pushing. The taste was unusual, slightly bitter but still not bad. I pushed harder and deeper, moving my tongue around as much as I could. Doug was rotating and thrusting down on my tongue. The muscles in my mouth and face were getting tired. I needed to finish this. I lowered his legs back down. His dick was raised off his belly and wasn't dropping back down again. I moved to his side and rested my head just above the cockhead. Lifting it slightly I closed my mouth around it, withdrawing my lips hard under my teeth. I wasn't going to make the same mistake again. Doug groaned. I started to suck and tongue the head, steadily increasing the suction. I sucked hard and Doug screamed. Oh God not again. I pulled off and looked at Doug's face. His face was almost puce, a grimace, his eyes tight shut. He wasn't breathing. Every muscle tense. I recognised it wasn't pain, an exquisite torture maybe, but it wasn't pain. I quickly put my mouth back around his helmet, flicked around it with my tongue and resumed sucking building up until I was sucking as hard as I could. Doug screamed again. He started flailing about and came. His cock was having convulsions, pulsing and expanding. A shot of burning hot liquid hit the back of my throat and I swallowed automatically. Another and another, my mouth was filling up faster than I could swallow. I lifted off and watched him shoot three more times and then he collapsed totally drained, all wet loli pantie pics muscles limp. I loved the taste of him. This was Doug's seed I was swallowing. I licked the splashes of come on his belly and followed them down to the source. Remembering how sensitive my cock was after I came, I didn't touch it. I leant over him lying against him, I watched his face, breathing hard, the colour fading and his eyes moving behind his eyelids. Kissing his forehead and neck and anywhere in reach. I couldn't get enough of him. I traced his expanded rib cage with my fingers, my flat hand moving from one side to the other. When he opened his eyes I kissed him lightly on the lips, cheeks and chin, His eyes never left mine. "Oh Tim!" he wailed and started to cry. Concerned "Doug, what's the matter? What have I done wrong?" "No - you haven't done anything wrong - it's me." He closed his eyes, tears trailing out from the corners and running back towards his ears. "What is it? I pulled him into an embrace. He gently tried to resist but I wasn't having any of it. "Tell me Doug. What's making you sad? Why are you crying?" "You'll hate me, I can't." "I won't hate you, I could never hate you" He wailed louder and then stunned me to the core "I think - I think I've fallen for you. I love you and you can't be mine!" He wailed and clung tighter." My mind a whirl, emotions run rife, I tried to fathom my feelings. I loved Joanne madly deeply. What did I feel for Doug. A leaf in a gale was nothing compared to what I was feeling. Tears sprang to my eyes. Was it infatuation? The afterglow of sex? Or was there more? Was the affection I felt love? Was it true or was it compassion? No, a part of me was thrilled at his declaration of love, was that my love for him, responding. I had strong affection for Doug, was it love? Could I be in love with two people? His pain and grief was hurting me. Love - I don't know. "Doug. This has happened so incredibly fast, we've only known each other for a few hours. I can't say I'm in love with you - I don't know, I'm mixed up inside. I need time to think about it. I can't lie to you, I love Joanne more than life itself. I have great affection for you, it may be love. I don't know." His wailing had calmed down to sobs in my shoulder and I pressed against him, trying to comfort him as much as possible. I dragged a pillow across and lifted Doug's head. I kissed him lightly across the lips trying to draw the pain away. My back was envious of the warmth of Doug's body against my front. I pulled away from him. Making sure my weight never left the bed and that some part of me was touching him all the time. I grabbed the duvet. Lying back down next to Doug I dragged the duvet up over us. I pulled him tight into an embrace and put his arms around me. Kissing him on the mouth. His sobs now quietening to the odd whimper. I rested my head next to his on the pillow no more than an inch apart and watched him closely as he fell asleep. Distraught and confused I waited for sleep. ---------------------------------------- I awoke to the sound of ringing. I opened my eyes, Doug's back was to me and we had rolled together in the centre. I cuddled closer to him, my mind clear of the previous night's confusion. The curtains let through a dim daylight. The ringing continued, I was slow to realise what it was, the telephone! I flung the duvet back and made a mad dash out of the room and down the stairs. My hand not one foot away from the receiver and it stopped. Who could it be? I looked at the grandfather clock 9:30. Oh my God! Joanne was late for her meeting, I dashed back up stairs and opened our bedroom door. The curtains were drawn and the bed made. Joanne had already gone. The phone started to ring again and I ran back down the stairs grabbing it frantically. I panted into it "Design Liaison." It was Joanne's voice she laughed "No it's not. Come on sleepy head, Your getting really hard to wake up in the mornings, this is my fourth call." I sat down on the bottom step "I love you." "Now that's what I love to hear, straight from your heart. I love you too - look I'm going to have to go back into this meeting. We have a lot of interns so I'm not going to be back before 1:00. Your going to have to do the shopping without me, remember we need soap powder and toothpaste, I used the last this morning. Oh and make sure you get a big enough joint for Sunday, Dave's coming over for dinner as well. Got to go - I love you, bye." The phone clicked and quietly buzzed, I put it back on the hook. I turned to climb the stairs. Doug was stood at the top, he quickly turned and went back very small asian lolitas into the spare room. I went upstairs and followed him. Doug was pulling up his jeans. He looked at me quickly and then started searching the floor for his shoes and socks. "Don't worry Tim, I'm going - you wont ever see me again." My morning fuddle was making it hard to think. I sat on the bed trying to clear my head "Don't leave, I couldn't take that right now. I don't like to lose people I love." Doug stopped and walked in front of me lifting my head by my chin very gently. Looking down at me he said "Are you sure Tim? You aren't just saying that. My feelings don't matter in this." Staring straight into his eyes I said "Doug, I love you - please stay, I need you." He pushed me flat on my back, and jumped on me kissing me all over my face and saying. "Oh Tim, I love you so much it hurts." He lolita foto asian lolita kissed me deeply our tongues playing a ballet and then pulled off. "But what about Joanne?" "I still love her the same, if not more after last night. I need a coffee, I don't think too well in the mornings." Doug got up his face bubbling with joy. "I'll go make it." He grabbed his T-shirt and was gone. I went into my bathroom and turned the shower on, giving it chance to warm up. I went to clean my teeth - no toothpaste. A quick gargle of mouth wash was all I could do. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water run over me. Sudden starts to the day always upset my thinking. "Coffee's ready." The shout was muffled but quite distinct. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself and was dressing when I noticed Doug watching me from the doorway. "Don't stop. I came to tell you your coffee is downstairs - God! your beautiful." I laughed "Now that's a lie. I'm plain and ordinary. They even stopped calling me cute after my fifth birthday." "You should see what I see, there isn't anything plain or ordinary about you." Tucking my shirt into my trousers I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek and said "Where's this coffee." Two mugs of coffee later my brain was up to speed. I searched the desk for pen and paper and started going through the cupboards, building up a list of what was needed, any frozen vegetables and meats, I checked the freezer. I went into the dining room and checked the drinks cabinet, Brandy, red wine. "Doug is cider your normal drink?" "Yes, why?" "Well, we're going to need some. None of us drink it." "Tim, Joanne's going to be very upset about this. Maybe it'd be better for all, if I just left. I don't want to hurt you or Joanne but she's going to hate me when she finds out." I walked over to him and hugged him close "I just found you, I'm not going to lose you now. Please no more talk of leaving." I kissed him long and lovingly. When we broke "Come lolita pictures vombat free help me do the shopping, She wont be back until late, at least we can be together till then." Doug followed me out, perplexed at my calmness. We got in the car and drove to the supermarket. Like a lot of men we tried to do the shopping in as short a time as possible, squeezing past all the women perusing every tin, packet and box on the shelves and stiff necked husbands, pushing trolleys very slowly up the isle, who were wishing they weren't there. I only remembered the soap powder and toothpaste whilst we were in the queue to pay. Doug volunteered to go get them and I shouted the brand names as he walked up the isle. I became more nervous as time went on. he hadn't returned and half of our groceries had gone through the till. Had he left? What would I do? My eyes searching each aisle looking for his red hair. A shout of my name made me turn round but it was just a man calling his child. Where would he go? The last of my items passed through the till and the checkout girl totalled it up. I was about to pass my charge card over, convinced he'd gone when I heard his voice. "Excuse me - Uhm, excuse me please." There he was trying to get through the queue of people and trolleys. My heart was fluttering in my chest. A close shave. I wasn't going to take that chance again. "What took you so long?" "Oh they didn't have any of your soap powder on the shelves and I had to find someone to lolita big camel toe check in the back." We put the last two items through the till. I paid and we walked out to the car. After loading up Doug took the trolley to one of the collection points. I watched him all the way there and back again. I drove us home. Whilst we unpacked the bags and filled the cupboards, I made us tea and coffee and then we went back into the lounge. Doug wandered back and forth along the book shelves, drinking his tea as he ran his hand along each book, reading their titles. My Tom Clancy novel was on the table and I picked it up. Opening it up to the bookmark I was soon engrossed. His arms wrapped me up from behind. Doug whispered into my ear "Have I told you how much I love you and need you or how I want you in the worst ways possible." He kissed and tongued my neck and ear, his hot breath was like an aphrodisiac. I was getting an erection. I wanted him to make love to me again. I wanted him to stay. I closed my book. My dick tenting my trousers and I impishly said "Be gentle with me - please." He laughed and called me a tease. He moved to my side and kissed me deep. Our tongues clashing together. When we broke apart he pulled me out of the chair and led me up in to the spare bedroom. He led me to the bed, falling back on it he pulled me down on top of him. "Do you really love me Tim? Are you really mine? Or is this a dream and I'm going to wake up soon?" Thoughts of Joanne entered my head, did I love one more than the other? "I love you and Joanne equally. I can never be just yours, but I hope I have love enough for both of you." Doug near broke my heart when he said "I'm going to lose you, I think I'll die without you." His eyes wet. I kissed him and said "I'm all yours now." I rubbed his sides. I wanted his T-shirt off. I wanted him nude and in my arms. His hands started to unbutton my shirt and I started to pull his T-shirt out of his jeans. I got there first and he raised his arms and let me pull it off him. I started trying to unbutton his jeans, I could only do it by feel. his hands were undoing the last buttons of my shirt and I couldn't see. The reversed directions baffled me and his face was too appealing. I sank down on to him, kissing him. His hands moved to my sides and started to grab at the shirt. The last button popped and I moved my arms to my side letting him pull it off me. Our tongues locked together, breath going backwards and forwards. I broke away and said "All I can think of is you - your driving me insane." I kissed him again more passionately and he rolled me over. He lifted his lips off mine and hugged me tight. "I love you, with all my heart. I'm yours and always will be." Moving down he took one of my nipples into my mouth and sucked it. His hands sliding down to my trousers. The clip was no problem and he unzipped them and pulled them down. I lifted my bottom supporting both of us as he slid them off. Pulling off me he sank to his knees on the floor and started to unlace my shoes. I sat up staring at him, then bent over double and k